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The Archangels

Archangels protect, support and Love Us Archangels protect and guide us, to bring peace on earth. Their divine power and wisdom inspire us to our highest good and potential. Each Archangel is available to every person alive. Call an archangel when you need support, comfort, wisdom, healing, or assistance. All you need to do is think of the name of an archangel to connect with it. An Archangel will be with you any time.There are over 15 Archangels appointed throughout the many religions of the world. The 15 Archangels listed below are the most popular Archangels. The Archangels only desire is to create peace and love. Call the Archangels when you have fear or doubt. They will bless you with what you need. Take the time to thank the Archangels for all the love and light create in your life.

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White Angel


Archangel Ariel gives us the courage, bravery, strength and confidence. She is involved in divine magic, manifestation and prosperity. Its color is a shade of pale pink and rose quartz crystal is a stone. It supports people who are healers, teachers and service workers, and environmental causes. To honor him, participate in environmental or other gifts. Its name means "Lioness of God."


Archangel Azrael supports grieving or dying. Creamy yellow calcite stone is Azrael. Azrael supports helpers, healers and counselors. He is patient and compassionate. Azrael main role is to help people cross the sky. Azrael surrounds you loving white light. Enlist the help of Azrael touch deceased loved ones. Its name means "God helps."

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Archangel Chamuel helps you find a career best suited to your purpose and passion. Making a green fluorite crystal to be close to the energy of love Chamuel. Call Chamuel to feel more centered and peaceful. Chamuel is the Archangel of personal and global peace. He always sees your true qualities and loves you unconditionally. His name means "one who sees God."


Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel. It supports writers and journalists. Gabriel supports the publication of articles and books. Gabriel also allows you to leverage the power of the love of God through you pores. It helps you feel safe in your power and protects you in any way. The metal is copper and is crystal citrine stone. Gabriel also works with mothers and children. It is related to the design, delivery, adoption and parental leave. Gabriel lets you connect with your inner child. His name means: "O Messenger of God."


Archangel Haniel crystal is the moonstone, which is magical and inspiring. It is a nurturing mother able to take care of you and create miracles. Haniel shows you how to live up to your highest potential. It can also help you find hidden talents and help you hone your skills. Haniel shows you how to honor your natural cycles, moods and rhythms. Ask Haniel to help you when you feel bad about yourself or doubt about a decision. Its name means "Glory of God."


Whenever you see flashes of light dark purple, know that Archangel Jeremiel is with you. Its crystal is, of course, amethyst. One of the goals is to work Jeremiel at the crossroads of souls in consideration of their life on earth. It can also help those who live life to conduct examinations. Jeremiel deliver pity when asked, and it helps you to act in love toward other means. Jeremiel supports people to treat themselves and others with respect and tender loving care. Its name means "mercy of God."

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Archangel Jophiel Archangel is a beautiful, loving and caring. All dark pink crystals are associated with Jophiel's energy. It allows you to generate spaces and make them again. Jophiel sees beauty in everything and everyone and inspires you to do the same. Spend more time outdoors to be near Jophiel. Jophiel blesses us with grace and peace in our lives. It encourages you to savor and enjoy every moment, slow down and enjoy life everyday miracles. Its name means "Beauty of God."


Archangel Metatron helps chakra clearing. Watermelon tourmaline crystal is Metatron. Metatron supports those who are drawn to help the children. Metatron also protects psychic and sensitive children and adults. Metatron once walked on earth as a human man. He was the prophet and scribe Enoch. Metatron helps you organize your priorities.


Archangel Michael has a royal blue mixed with royal purple. Its crystal stone is SugaLite, which can help you to channel messages deep and loving Michael. Michael can help you remember who you really are. He can bless you with love, power, strength and unwavering faith. Michael loves the most to communicate with you through your dreams. Its main function is to remove the fear of your life. He can clear spaces, thoughts, and people of all negative energies or less. His name means "He who is like God."


Archangel Raguel oversees archangels and angels. It can also help you sort out your feelings and understand which path to take. Raguel is concerned with the divine order, clairsentience and harmonious relations. To be close to Raguel, wear aquamarine crystal. Raguel resolves disputes and creates harmony and order in relationships. Its name means "friend of God."


Archangel Raphael can surround all need healing with emerald green energy. The crystals are associated with Raphael emerald and malachite. Raphael helps us to breathe and create a healthy lifestyle. Raphael can help you heal or find a healer who can help you heal. Raphael is known as the angel of healing, and he gives advice through our intuitions, thoughts, ideas, dreams and other internal prints. His name means "He who heals."


Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of clairvoyance, spiritual understanding, and retrieval of your power. His aura holds all the colors of the rainbow like a prism beautiful light. Working with clear quartz crystals to expand the vision and feel closer to Raziel. He is a magician and alchemist. Call Raziel soul travel in your dreams. Raziel can also help you understand esoteric spiritual ideas and apply them in a practical way. His name means, "The secrets of God."


Archangel Sandalphon can bring sweetness in all areas of your life. It can help you to be kind and gentle, but powerful. Archangel is related to music. Its stone is turquoise, which can slow the heart rate and breathing. One of the main roles Sandalphon is to help answer our prayers. It can help you to receive. Sandalphon once walked on earth as a mortal man. He was the prophet Elijah. It can help you live with integrity, provide spiritual gifts of prophecy, allow healing, and event support. Sandalphon can help you tell the truth.

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Cute Angel


Archangel Uriel is the Archangel claircognizance. It may enlighten our minds with divine inspiration. If you have repetitive thoughts or ideas that are positive, caring, helpful, Uriel speaks to you. Uriel is crystal crystal amber. It directs all the ideas and intelligence. Uriel wants you to know that you already know what to do. It will help you every step of the light along the way, one at a time. Its name means "God is Light."


Archangel Zadkiel brings compassion. It helps us to forgive others and ourselves. Zadkiel can bring emotional healing in miraculous ways. He is the Archangel of clairaudience. Lappas Lazuli is a stone of Zadkiel. Zadkiel can help us to store information, we learn new things, and gain access to all knowledge. Ask questions when you need help. Its name means "righteousness of God."

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