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celebrations of holi is not much comparetive between South India and north india are not as large compared to that of North India. However, what is particularly visible in Andhra Pradesh as in other Dravidian country, the strong sense of communal harmony. Here, too, people participate in merry making. Moreover, in the evening, youth play with dry colors and seek blessings by putting gulal and elders abeer on the feet of their elders. Banjara tribes of Andhra Pradesh celebrate Holi in their own way. Graceful dances are done by colorful Banjara gypsies

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Delhi is the capital and the heart of India, Holi celebrated with extreme enthusiasm. Being a metro city, an amalgamation of cultures and traditions can be seen here. Virtually all aspects of Holi as seen in various states are noticeable in many pockets of Delhi. People move in tolis and apply color on each other until they become unrecognizable. Play with hints of color in the residential colonies as people usually do not go with families beyond their neighborhood. Even public transport do with a usual frequency folds. Festivals, music, dance and parties blasting take place throughout the city during the festival of colors. People hug and greet each other by applying abeer as tilak. Any feeling of hardship or animosity is forgotten the day. Is said that even the enemies become friends on the eve of Holi Holi.On, bonfires or Holika are lit in the major centers of the city where people celebrate the victory of good over evil. Firewood Holika is collected weeks before festival.Being political center of the country, Delhi sees great enthusiasm, even among politicians. Holi is also celebrated at the Presidents and Prime Ministers of residences where people gather to play Holi. Cultural events and fun mark the day

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Holi of Barsana, the birthplace of Radha, a village 42 km from Mathura, is of particular interest. Here, men of Nandgaon, the land of Krishna come to play Holi with the girls of Barsana and hope to raise their flag above the temple Shri Radhikaji the. But instead of colors, they are greeted with sticks by the gopis. Therefore, the Holi get his new name here Lathmaar Holi.Smart enough, men are fully padded because they are fully aware of what kind of reception awaits them and also the fact that they are not permitted to exercise retaliation in this day.In this mock battle somehow, they try their best not to be captured. Misfortune, however, are abducted and get a good beating by women. In addition, they are forced to wear female attire and dance in public. All in the minds of poets like Surdas Holi.Renowned, Nand-das, Kumbhan-das and others have picturesquely described how Lord Krishna received similar treatment and was forced to wear a sari and makeup and perform the dance before being released by the gopies.

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The next day it was the turn of men of Barsana. They reciprocate by invading Nandgaon and drench women Nandgaon in colors kesudo naturally red-orange dye and Palash. Today, women Nadagow fight invaders Barsana. It is a colorful site.However in the interest of tourism and security, the state tourism office has established excellent points for the general public. A large open field on the outskirts of the city has been specially set aside for the best show of the festival.
The week long celebration of Holi also continue in the temples of Krishna different on different days. The celebrations are filled with clouds of colors and of course, lots of fun

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The Bhils in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have their own special way to the festival. It is interesting to note that these tribes have retained many of their pre-Hindu customs. They lit a bonfire on the eve and worship the goddess. Villagers bring spring flowers and mango kesudo and grains signifying new life. When the fire is lit, loud cries of Holimata rend the air. Youth tribes have their own reason to look forward to the party because they are allowed to form bonds leading to marriages on Holi. No wonder they depict high level of enthusiasm when it comes to Holi