How To Propose a Girl | How To propose a girl For Love


Ways to Propose a girl means, it's just talk to him. Start with something and talk. Talk With confident and do not be stupid and silly trying to pick up lines. Be yourself then it will happen. once u start to see you less shy, then it will begins to speak, it will have to friendship.u sure she knows you are almost there

If you have a friendship in mind, then where is the problem? Just go and introuduce you trust and ask can we be friends? I look sincere enough maybe she will be your friend in a few days. Girls always take some time to make friends. Also, do not harass her, it will negatively affect your image.

So you think a girl a few months, but unable to say a single word. This often happens with almost every guy when he really falls in love with someone. If you are in the same boat so do not worry. Just a smile on your face and apply the given below steps.
Roses, ring and chocolates are the essentials for proposing a girl.Everyone has certain skill, such as humor, wit, talkativeness etc. While dating a girl, you must use one of your top talent. Your skills play a key role in providing a girl.Tips and propose ideas for a girl

Suppose you have a lack of self-confidence then there is no need to bother. It would be advisable to take the help of your friend How to Propose a Girl  is really a hard task to propose a girl for marriage for males. Actually it does not such difficult as it seems. Proposing a girl is considered the responsibility of males and they seem to be hesitated due to shame to propose a girl.  Before proposing a girl, males should be very careful because girls are more sensitive than guys also are much careful in developing new relationships. On the basis of some common qualities, We guide your regarding proposing your beloved for marriage. These tips are especially for males and they must consider them if they are in such situation.

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How to propose a girl

Duration of your Relationship


A gift is considered very necessary if you are going to propose girl. A gift of the ring, flower, chocolate or whatever you can give her is of interest or you can manage to pay.

On the square

Try to offer the girl on the same place where you both met for the first time. This is a classic idea to make him understand and remember the origin of your relationship, love and friendship. The place can be a park or hotel.

Wait for the right time

Wait for the right time to propose a girl for marriage. This moment can be a very special event such as Valentine's Day, her birthday or any other costumes you.

Be prepared

Take care of your dressing and preparing everything will propose a girl. Your special preparation will leave a strong impression on her and she will be please to meet you.

Invite the

Invite your loved one to lunch or dinner will be more effective idea to propose. It is also one of the currents of ideas and proposals of marriage of girls like them. You must order his favorite dish lunch or dinner to make him feel that you care with love and care for her.


Writing a banner with words like "Would you please marry me or I love you" can be an effective way to offer the girl. It would be very favorable for the proposal of a girl for marriage .


Bending the knees and bring her flowers, ring or any other piece of jewelry is the oldest way to propose a girl for marriage, as commonly practiced by guys. It is also considered as the ideal way to soften the hearts of your friends.

The long driveway

Take with you long drive and play romantic songs on the music player of your car and then tell him about your feeling about his heart. You should tell him interesting words that you want to spend your life with her

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Trick to propose a girl

Things to keep in mind before proposing to a Girl

Always remember that an Indian girl, even if it is ultra-modern India remain much to heart. So do not rush to your proposal.

Get to know the likes and dislikes of the girl before proposal.

Make sure she is not engaged to anyone.

Relations grow with time. Ideally, it should not be necessary to tell a girl you like. Your words and actions should be sufficient to let him know your feelings. But then it is not an ideal world, is not it? Nourish your relationship with the time before going ahead with your proposal.

Show your curiousness to know his family and even share your family with it. This would create a special bond that would come in handy while proposing an Indian girl.

Be friend with his friends to get an idea about the people she loves spending time with.

Show that you care about her and that she is someone special, unlike others.

Make sure you are consistent with the girl you propose.

Try to judge his feelings by observing closely, and do not make your feelings public before proposing to your daughter.

And when you're absolutely sure you want to grow old with her, then go ahead and say those three magical words to her.

Do not involve a third person into your scheme of things, while offering an Indian girl. This is a big no-no because it reflects your lack of courage. Always keep in mind that no girl would love to spend time with someone who does not even have the courage to propose to her by himself.

Be confident and do not panic.

This is a great day, so put your best foot forward. Make sure you dress accordingly.

The choice of words is very critical. Prior preparation is advisable to make sure you cherish your proposal for a lifetime.

Last but not least, be creative and different. Apply your mind to ensure that your proposal is the first of its kind. The unique approach would certainly win your girl