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Machidiel - angel governing the zodiac sign of Aries and the month of March.
Marmaroth - angel who has power to thwart fate.
Mendrion - angel who rules the seventh hour of the night.
Metatron - one of the greatest archangels, second only to God.
Michael - great archangel whose name means "who is like God."
Mihr - angel of divine mercy; angel that governs September.
Miniel - angel invoked to induce love.
Mitatron - an angel of the third heaven.
Morael - Angel of fear that dominates the month of August-September.
Moroni - brought messages to Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism.
Muriel - angel who rules the dominions and the month of June
Naaririel - great prince angel of the seventh heaven.
Nahaliel - angel who governs streams, "valley of God."
Nanael - angel who governs the sciences and philosophy.
Narcariel - angel who rules the eighth hour of the night.
Nasargiel - good angel with a lion's head who rules hell.
Nathanael - angel ruling over hidden things, fire and vengeance.

Naya'il - angel of testing.

Nelchael - Angel of schemhamphorae.
Nouriel - angel of spellbinding power and of hail storms.
Och - one ruling angel of the provinces of heaven.
Omael - angel of chemistry and species perpetuation.
Onoel - name of an angel archon ...
Ophaniel - angel prince of the Ophanim.
Ophiel - an angel from heaven decision provinces and Mercury.
Oriel - angel ruling the tenth hour of the day.
Orifiel - archangel over thrones, and the second hour of the day.
Orphamiel - angel known as the "great finger of the Father."
Osmadiel - angel ruling the eighth hour of the day.
Ouriel - archangel who commands demons.
Pamyel - angel ruling the ninth hour of the night.
Pathiel - angel whose name means "work of God."
Peliel - angel who rules the virtues.
Peniel - angel who rules Friday and is in the third heaven.
Pesagniyah - angel who opens the prayer of mourning in heaven.
Phaleg - one of the ruling angels of the seven provinces of heaven.
Phanuel - archangel who is an interpreter of revelations.
Phounebiel - Angel counteract disease.
Phul one of the seven angels ruling the provinces of heaven.
Pravuil - an archangel who keeps all the records of heaven.
Pronoia - an archon angel who helped make mankind.
Pura - angel of forgetfulness.
Puriel - angel whose name means "the fire of God," the angel of punishment.
Qaspiel - angel who rules the moon.
Quabriel - angel ruling the ninth hour of the day.
Rachiel - angel who rules Venus Ophanim and governs sexuality.
Rachmiel - angel of mercy whose name means the same thing.
Radueriel - angel who can create other angels and oversees archives.
Raguel - angel who watches over the behavior of angels; "friend of God."
Rahab - angel of death, destruction, but also the sea
Rahatiel - angel prince of the constellations, the name means "run".
Rahmiel - angel of mercy and love.
Ramiel - angel who oversees visions and souls during the day of judgment.
Raphael - great archangel whose name means "shining one who heals."
Rathanael - angel of the third heaven and thwarter demons.
Raziel - angel chief over the thrones, guarding the secrets of the universe.
Remiel - angel who leads souls to judgment, the name means "mercy of God."
Rikbiel - angel who oversees the divine chariot; Chief wheels.
Rizoel - angel with power to thwart demons.
Rogziel - angel of punishment whose name means "the wrath of God."
Ruman - angel who takes account of the acts of evil men, but hell.

Sabaoth - archon angel of the presence.

Sabathiel - angel or intelligence who communicates divine light.
Sandy - angel of goodness and protection.
Sabrael - archangel who guards the first heaven.
Sabrathan - angel ruling the first hour of the night.
Sachiel - ruling angel of Jupiter whose name means "covering of God."
Sagnessagiel - angel who guards the fourth hall of the seventh heaven.
Sahaqiel - angel prince of the fourth heaven.
Salathiel - rescuing angel of Adam and Eve.
Samkiel - angel of destruction and purifier of souls from hell.
Samuel - Angel fruling the first hour of the day.
Sandalphon - giant angel whose name means "co-brother" (of Metratron).
Saniel - ruling angel of the sixth hour of the day.
Sarakiel - angel who governs the angels.
Sarandiel - angel decision of the twelfth hour of the night.
Satqiel - angel prince of the fifth heaven.
Seraphiel - chief angel of the seraphim angels.
Shamsiel - angel whose name means "light."
Shepherd - angel of repentance.
Shoftiel - angel whose name means "the judge of God."
Sidqiel - angel prince of Ophanim; rule of Venus.
Sidriel - angel prince of the first heaven.
Simiel - archangel.
Sizouze - angel of prayer.
Sophia - angel whose name means "wisdom."
Soqedhozi - angel who weighs the merits of of men before God.
Sorath - angel who is the spirit of the sun.
Sorush - angel who punishes souls on judgment day.
Soterasiel - angel whose name means "who stirs up the fire of God."
Sraosha - angel who sets the world in motion.
Suriel - angel of healing whose name means "God's command."
Tagas - governing angel of singing angels.
Tartys - angel ruling the second hour of the night.
Tatrasiel - great prince angel.
Temeluch - guardian angel who protects infants and children.
Temperance - angel of the elixir of life.
Theliel - angel prince of love.
Tubiel - angel of summer.
Tzadkiel - angel of justice and guardian of the gates of the east wind.
Ubaviel - angel of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
Umabel - angel of physics and astronomy.
Uriel -. "God is my light" great archangel whose name means
Usiel - an angel who stands before the throne of God.
Uzziel - cherubim angel whose name means "strength of God."
Varhmiel - angel ruling the fourth hour of the day.
Vequaniel - angel ruling the third hour of the day.
Verchiel - angel decision of July and Leo zodiac sign.
Vretiel - Fast wisdom responsible for the registration of acts of God archangel.
Xathanael - the sixth angel created by God.
Yabbashael - an angel of the earth whose name means "the continent."
Yefefiah - archangel who is the prince of the Torah.
Yehudiah - angel of death benevolant.
Yerachmiel - an archangel who rules the land.
Yeshamiel - angel who rules the zodiac sign of Libra.
Yofiel - angel prince of the Torah commanding 53 legions of angels.
Zaapiel - angel punisher of wicked souls.
Zaazenach - angel ruling the sixth hour of the night.
Zabkiel - angel who rules over the thrones.
Zachariel - angel governor of Jupiter.
Zachriel - angel who governs memories.
Zadkeil - archangel who rules heaven and stands in the presence of God.
Zagzagel - angel prince of the Torah and of wisdom.
Zakzakiel - angel of the seventh heaven who records good deeds.
Zaphiel - angel ruler of the cherubim.
Zaphkiel - archangel whose name means "knowledge of God."
Zarall - cherub angel who guards the ark of the covenant.
Zazriel - angel whose name means "strength of God."
Zehanpuryu - high ranking angel whose name means "he who overcomes."
Zerachiel - Angel of July and the sun.
Zophiel - angel whose name means "God's spy."
Zuriel - angel ruler of the principalities whose name means "my rock is God."