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Angels Are Nine Types

Seraphim are one of many types of angels.We may be able to speak directly to God in prayer, but according to the Bible, he comes to us through a variety of angels, each with distinct rights. There are nine types of angels in three groups known as choirs. No matter where they are on the hierarchy, like us, they are individuals.Unlike us, because they are able to see beyond mortal time, they are extremely patient and forgiving. They are aware of our personal life goals and are assigned to help us, but never interfere with our free will. The first chorus in his heavenly form, is represented by the wavelengths of light fields and the
strength and frequency of the sound. These entities emanate vibrations or waves, devotional love in the universe

9 types of angels
Different Angels


These are the angels who are closest to God. They surround his throne and emit intense light fire representing his love. Seraphim are considered "fiery serpents" and even other divine beings may look. There are only four of them and each has four faces and six wings. When they come to Earth, they leave behind their appearance snake, preferring tall, thin and crisp embodiments of man.

Cherubim (plural of Cherub)

These angels are the guardians of the celestial records and hold the knowledge of God. They are sent to earth with great tasks, such as expulsion from the Garden of Eden mankind. Ancient art depicts cherubim as sphinx like winged creatures with human faces, not fat babies with wings now embellish greeting cards and book covers. Ophaniel, and Rikbiel Zophiel are cherubim, as was Satan before his fall to evil.


Appearance Thrones "is perhaps the most bizarre of the first group. Was said to resemble large wheels covered with many bright eyes. Chariot They serve God and distribute its judgment in order to achieve his desires for us . Angels in the second chorus can not exist in a state of transition between the heavenly and human worlds. Governors are considered in the sky, trying to find a balance between mind and matter, good and bad.
In the higher forms angelic throw "average" angels. Read on to learn more about the virtues, archangels and angels.

Dominions or Dominations

Consider areas such as environmental management. They receive orders of seraphim and cherubim, and dish out the functions "working bees" angels of the lower orders. Their main objective is to ensure that the cosmos remains to be done by sending power heads authority figures government and others. Zadkiel (sometimes called Hashmal) is the head of this order.

Different Angels

Shaped like sparks of light, the virtues are responsible for maintaining the natural world, and inspire living in areas such as science. They also take orders of angels above and convert them into miracles for merit. When they become known to us in their earthly form, they are musicians, artists, healers, and scientists working with the power of love and
like physics. The two angels ascension of Jesus is believed to have been virtues.


At their heavenly powers appear as bright, misty vapors. Powers are lining patrol officers between heaven and earth. They are the angels of birth and death. Some believe they will also chair the demons who want to overthrow the world, while others, namely St. Paul believed the powers themselves were wicked. In all cases, the authorities are a group of experts who act as advisors in matters of religion, theology and ideology.
The third choir is best known to us, because they are more like us with their vulnerability to acts of sin


These angelic beings are like rays of light. As a primary school, it is the principalities that monitor everything. They guide our world - countries, cities, and villages. Moreover, they are in charge of religion and politics. As if their plate is not full enough, they are also in charge of land management tasks angels below them

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They, along with the angels, are the guardians of people and all things physical. But do not call on them to help you personally archangels respond better when it comes to issues affecting all mankind. They are the first order of angels that appear only in human form. As such, they function as pioneers among us for the change in the shape of explorers, philosophers and activists of human rights. This order is most commonly known because they are mentioned by name in the Bible - Michael, Gabriel and Raphael


Angels are intermediaries between God and individuals. Angels do not watch over the nations they protect households and individuals who believe in God and keep away demons. They nurture, counsel, and heal. We all have a "personal angel", better known as our guardian angel with us all day.

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