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About English Bulldog

The proud English Bulldog is a typically British dog, with a face and body full of character. It is very recognizable as a breed and is popular for be used as a mascot at United Kingdom well as many other countries in the world.

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Bull Dog

Bulldog English History

The English Bulldog is believed to have originated of the British island and was used to bull baiting and dog fights - both extremely inhuman, but the very popular sports for a long period in British history until 'to prohibited the 19th century. Because of this breed was selected for its aggression, fearlessness and determination When this was made illegal, the Bulldog became risk of disappearing, but with the determined of a group of enthusiasts the developed race and improved work race, many think by crossing it with pug which culminated in his much shorter muzzle. Accordingly, the modern Bulldog English made a transformation of a fighter fierce bull for companion friendly and faithful. This is a breed of dog that has made its mark worldwide and is very popular the United States.

English bulldog Appearance

Average Height at withers: Males and females two between 12-16 inches

Average weight: Males from 24 25kg, women between 22-23 kg.

It is a proud and noble dog, if an animal a little "grumpy" to research. The big face and the head of English Bulldog is its physical characteristic and defining a face character fuller than you will not see in any other breed of dog. The head, as mentioned, is large, the prognathic jaw very pronounced with canines that link upwards and are generally very visible. The folds of the skin on the face and nose are large with a visible fold called the "rope" on the black nose of this breed. The skin around the mouth sags downwards suspended under the neck giving the expression "grumpy». The muzzle is short and the muscular body, even if they can be prone to a weight gain if allowed. The Bulldog is short, fur on the totality of his body and comes in mixed models, including defined in the colors bands including brindle, fawn, red, white and pie. It also has a naturally short tail and a little curly.

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Bull Dog Appearance

Temperament Of Bulldog English 

Although the appearance English Bulldogs may seem intimidating, it is among the sweetest and most faithful dogs. That said, it is a courageous dog, considering his legacy of bullfighting, and will be held his ground against the adversity. He is known for be a very affectionate and reliable and especially sweet dog with children.

TĂȘtue and determined, this breed can be very persistent! Bulldogs are very well a dog of peoples and prosper with human attention. Accordingly, the Bulldogs can manipulate those who love and live with them and a good understanding of its behavior is necessary at any time to ensure that the lines are drawn and the leader is established. A bulldog which comprises its position in the platoon family and knows the "hierarchy" is very reliable with all people. It is a quiet and friendly dog, especially when they are older, but as young, they tend to be on the excitable side with a selective hearing when they want!

This breed is good with the animals of the family, if socialized at an early age, but some may be confrontational with dogs he does not know. They are known for snore very loudly, most tend to drool and drools on a regular basis, mainly due to the form of its muzzle.In addition, this breed can be "sofa of potatoes» and regular exercise should be encouraged because they can easily the stack of books.

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Bull Dog

Health Of English Bulldog

With a duration of average life anywhere between 6-12 years care must be taken physical needs of this dog.
Due of the head Bulldog and shape of nose, it is considered a purebred dog brachycephalic (short face). As such, care must be taken when exercising of this dog, especially in the heat, to ensure it is not to fire. This is largely due to respiration questions and a yield decreased in panting, that all dogs used to cool. The shade and water must be provided (for all dogs) by hot weather, but it is especially known for the Bulldog.

In addition, more 80% of all staves in bulldogs are born by Caesarean section. This is due to the big head exceptionally be inclined to stay stuck in the birth canal the dam.Hip dysplasia (HD) is also very common on this dog, and another reason that its weight must be carefully controlled.This dog is also known to have problems of prolific digestive wind

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English Bull Dog

English Bulldog care

Daily care and cleaning skin folds on this breed must be respected order to limit the risk of bacterial infections of the skin to ensure that the skin is in good dry state between these folds. This is best done with a damp cloth, not wet, the fabric and dry with a towel. The actual layer is short, and they poured an average amount of coat. The owner must ensure to food balance and exercise in the Bulldog as they are known to take weight easily.

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White Bull Dog