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The largest canyons in the world are under water. In the Bering Sea in Alaska, there are seven giant canyons Bering Canyon, 240 miles long; Navarino Canyon, 60 miles wide; Zhemchung Canyon, 9,000 feet deep. By comparison, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is only 10 miles wide, one mile deep and 250 miles long. 

The summit of 6288-foot Mount Washington New Hampshire has some of the worst weather in the world. The strongest measured wind was 231 miles per hour. The official low was 47 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, but the cold often combined with the wind to produce wind chills of 150 degrees below zero. The ground is permanently frozen in a layer between 20 and 100 meters below the surface. Since 1851, more than 100 people died from falls or exposure on the mountain.

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The Sahara, one of the largest and driest deserts of sand up to thirty meters deep worlds was once a land of streams, wet marshes and lush fields flow. Cave Painting, 9000 years old, located in the heart of the Sahara, show men herding cattle and hunting lions and hippos. There are about 2,000 years, cave painters, farmers and animals have left because the area was becoming desert as we know it today. 
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The seeds of wild flower, Artic Lupin, located in Alaska, grew up in the lab after being frozen in the ground for 10,000 years.  Bristle cone pine, which grows in the deserts of Nevada and California, is the oldest species in the United States. Some are believed to be 4,600 years old and can live up to 5,500 years. 
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Waves of monsters over 100 feet high can appear suddenly at sea when there is no storm to provoke them. They are actually accidental meetings of several waves can combine to form a huge can easily sink a ship. When scientific drilled in the ice of Lake Vanda in Antarctica, they found that the water in the lake bottom was a surprisingly warm 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Ice crystals heated water by focusing on the lake bottom.