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The easiest way to distinguish the different kinds of love for each other by observing how conditional love is in question.

Most unlimited and unconditional version of love, acceptance, and more inclusive, it is ... and the better your experience of it feels! Words that describe the condition or state of being versions include unlimited and unconditional joy, space, clarity, recognition, acceptance, awareness, consciousness, presence, inner peace, freedom, confidence, balance, ecstasy, flow and happiness.

Love in its most unconditional equal to unity and integrity. Evidence suggests that this is indeed our most basic kind. It is certainly the condition we find ourselves in when we dropped everything else. Other words for the basic human nature of unconditional love include:-All it is, the soul, the soul identity, home, I am absolute reality, absolute truth, the source and life.

The more limited and conditional version of love is more judgment, acceptance and non-limited, it is ... and the worse your experience of it feels!

Love in all its forms more conditional can be described by words such as dissatisfaction, pessimism, frustration, anger, rage, hatred, fear, guilt, shame, jealousy, sadness, fear, anxiety, anxiety and depression.

What is love? In short, the different versions of love to cover all human emotions, and thus we can say that love is indeed the only feeling / emotion whatsoever.
What is love? Make a good definition of love is a challenge. Love is so complete that it does not lend itself to the definition

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Do not lie, steal or cheat
Does not boast, hate or kill
It is not jealous, envious or suspicious
It is not arrogant, deceitful or malicious
Is it not hurtful, degrading or harmful
Is it not self-indulgent, self-centered or egocentric
Do not live in darkness, destruction or desolation