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Definition of Love: What is Love?

Love is both a feeling and an energy and vibration and state / be / identity, and more than that.

Love is infinite and inexhaustible, omnipresent, and has no opposite

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I Love You

Love exists in an infinite number of versions of conditional to unconditional love and is therefore totally in fact the basis of all human feelings.

Love is the same as being one with. Love is the link ... to be fully connected and therefore love is one of the most important elements of life / the universe as we know it.

Love is absolute in nature, and it is in fact one of the basic building blocks in the human experience.

Love of nature is unlimited, it can still be limited as much as you could desire. When you restrict love, you create conditional love. Countless kinds of conditional love exist.

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In Love quotes for her

Love is

Peace ... Joy ... happiness
Truth ... Honor ... dignity
Respect ... Fiduciary responsibility ...
Kind ... patient ... sharing
Humble ... Appreciative ... generous
Take care ... In the service of healing ...
Uplifting ... Motivate ... intoxicating
The belief ... Hope ... Enduring
In us, with us and around us