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A friendship is high quality characterized by high levels of pro social behavior, intimacy, and other positive attributes, and low levels of conflict, rivalry, and other negative aspects. The quality of friendship supposed to have been directly effects on many aspects of children social development, including self esteem and social adaptation. Recent research on friendship suggests, however, that quality of friendship mainly affects children's success social world of peers

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Quality Friendship

friendship quality could also have indirect effects effects, expansion or reduce the influence of the friends of each other attitudes and behaviors have high quality friendships can mitigate tendencies of children imitate the behavior of shy and withdrawn friends, but little evidence supports the hypothesis friendships that high quality magnify influences friends

Friendship Relation

Similar questions about the effects friends and friendships have discussed in the theoretical literature decades. Only in recent years, however, have answers to the began to emerge issues empirical research. Recent advances resulted in part from researchers in defining success, conceptual and operational what is a good friendship. in much literature, good friendshipsare now defined as friendships high in Quality