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The old proverb says: "A friend in need is a friend indeed. "It is with friends and to share with each other. Children agree with adults these types of pro social behavior Expected between friends. Children friends also agree with adults and good friends praise the success of others and encourage each after other failures, which reinforces the other self-esteem. Some features of high quality friendships are recognized by adolescents but not by young children. Adolescents often say better than friends all say, or reveal his most personal thoughts and feelings. These personal Self-disclosure is the brand an intimate friendship

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Adolescents also said that friends will stick to each other in a beat, demonstrating their loyalty. Some researchers have described various positive aspects of good friendships, including pro social behavior, self-esteem support intimacy, loyalty, and others, and studied the associations between these characteristics by asking questions assessed. For example, evaluate the privacy, researchers asked the children how they often tell a special friend things about themselves that they did not mean most other people. Such research found that children who that their friendship was a great level of one of the positive aspects such intimacy, usually say that their friendship is strong in all other positive characteristics. These results suggest that all elements are connected positive to a single dimension of friendship quality. Even best friends can have negatives. Most children admit that sometimes best friends conflict with each other 

Moreover in friendship, children usually think of themselves as equal to their friends, but equality can be an ideal than reality. Children sometimes say their friends try to boss about them, or dominate. Children say that their friends "tryto prove they are better than me, "or engage in rivalry. When asked on real friendships, children usually report the co-occurrence of conflict, attempts at domination and rivalry. Thus, all the negatives seem to be linked to a single dimension quality of friendship. Scores this dimension are negative weakly correlated with those of the positive dimension so that both dimensions should be considered in the definition of the quality of a friendship