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Dating is very important when you are interested in someone and planning to move forward in the relationship.Meetings give any idea of what you are and you both are compatible with each other or not. But a lot of times guys do that few blunders turn-off dates and later no more dates are set.If you go on the first date with the girl you like, then remember a few things that will help you for a long term relationship with your date

dating advice for boys
Dating tips

Dating Advice for Guys

Here I will share a few things you need to do and not do on the first date. A trick I always suggest to my friends, be natural. The girl is with you because she liked something about you, and you might not be the perfect guy, but you can still work.

Be presentable

No matter how busy your schedule is, look presentable. Wear a nice outfit, perfume (girls like guys who smell good), clean your shoes, clean your glasses. Do not forget to clean your mouth and not smell bed, otherwise you will definitely lose a chance to get a kiss on your first date.

Time to reach

Many boys think it's cool to make your date wait if it will be more desperate during a meeting. This way of thinking is really garbage, nobody likes to wait, especially if you are on the first date. Once you are late, you first impression is down so make sure you arrive on time and it would be great if you can get it from him.

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Be Gentlemen when dating

Girls like guys who respect them. Be polite to her, open the door for her, pull her chair, if you really feel that it is something good or looking good then give her compliment, but make sure it is authentic . Girls can understand when you simulate and when you're really praise. Give a call after reaching home, all these things make her feel special.

Not showoff

This is the biggest mistake that usually boys. Maximum girls cut with an excess of confidence and bully. No matter how big tycoon or someone you are successful, do not start praising yourself unnecessarily especially lied about your work and popularity never impress a girl. So avoid show attitude and overconfidence with it. Talk like you used to talk to everyone, but pay 100% attention.

dating tips for boys
Dating Advice

Listen to it

Meetings is to know each other and enjoy properly. Nobody likes to hear all night, you better have a good conversation. Tell us about yourself in brief and listen. Ask him about his interests, hobbies, etc. It's fun to know the first appointment.

Be yourself

This is the most important thing. Be yourself, do not use tricks on your first date. Girls are smart enough to know your true self. Even if you get success to impress him with stupid stuff on the date first, then all these things also do not work long term. So if you plan to have a good relationship with your date be yourself.

Here are some other items that will help you for your first date