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Here Are Some Dating Advice Tips for better a date

DO NOT be negative

Nobody wants to read your list of scarecrows and relationships have failed, unless you're Charlie Brooker. He has the gift of making the negativity funny.

DO be honest

You may be tempted to exaggerate but think about how you would react if the situation was reversed. Nobody likes a nasty surprise on their first date ...

dating tips for boys
Tips For Better Date

DO add photos

Lots of pictures. This is a proven way to attract more interest in your profile. Make sure they are of you. Potential dates will not be fooled by what you have up for Men's Health photoshoot / Vogue. Although this is not a requirement, we encourage you to use a profile photo that you do not use on any of your social networking profiles to protect your privacy.

DO NOT be a stranger

Having the best profile in the world does not necessarily mean a flood of emails flooding your inbox. You must be proactive in your search for a soulmate. Go on an adventure, browse profiles, see who catches your eye. Do not be too picky at this stage ... that can come later

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Do's Dont's of dating

DO NOT send mass emails

Carpet bombing is not a tactic to be used in an attempt to find a date. Put in the effort and you will be rewarded. Once you've found a profile that you like the look of it, read it, and then create a tailored email to that person. It's just more flattering this way.

DO learn to take rejection gracefully

Send a 800-word diatribe to the person who has not responded to your statement of eternal love just is not cool. Two hours later, when it is too late to take it back, you will feel embarrassed. We guarantee it. Try not to get frustrated when people do not respond. Maybe they are not the right person for you, but there are many others out there

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