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Love is saddened when he sees the other love of sin takes no pleasure in the fall of another. Love rather blame away from love sins has not yet returned reproach purpose and need such a condition will win her love object who rejoice in iniquity is in fact hate Whores not know about true love regardless of their words

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Love rejoices in the truth

Love is pure and welcomes the purity It takes a great pleasure to see the object in the truth A pure heart will win her love object can be measured by keeping the commandments of God to others and love of God love of neighbor love summarize entire law should abound in knowledge and judgment and be able to approve excellent things

Love Bears All Things

Love will be implemented with much grief and many burdens.Love will not tire or give up easily. Love does not reject certain offenses or sacrifices just because they are difficult. Love is willing to help at all times difficult The fulfillment of the law of Jesus Christ to love another requires loads other levels "Are you able to mourn with those who suffer from loads slow us down, make us tired, and give us pain, but do worry - you love