Love Quotes Pink Heart

Love no longer tolerate before reacting, remember, love is patient. Love is not easily angered, angry, resentful or angry quite fast is the mark of a fool and fools dislike correctly. Fools are stubborn, inflexible, always right, Revenges of evil, and of course teachers. Love has a better response to the provocation of anger

lovw quotes pink heart with wall paper

Love always puts the best construction on the words and actions of its object. Love deny and defend against evil thoughts or fresh longer possible. "Innocent until proven guilty" applies this principle better than it does the American legal system. Love will believe all things and hope all things

Love will not entertain evil suspicions, or suspicion, of another love that make a man an offender for a word, know nothing of love love in car scandal languages unearth the evil of evil or repeat are not part of love. Jealousy is not an important factor where love reigns. Love trusts