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Males love more passionately than do women, whereas females love more companionately than do males
One possible reason for this comes from evolutionary theory. Evolutionary theory theorizes that love is just one of the emotional experiences which have been selected during the evolution process since it has helped humans find mates for reproduction and that through this evolutionary process men and women have developed different perspectives in love

 In mate selection males, who are most interested in distributing as many genes as possible, constantly look for different sex partners and tend to seek females who demonstrate characteristics suitable for that purpose: health and beauty. In comparison, females are more interested in keeping genes by rearing healthy children in a safe environment rather than distributing genes by having as many children as they can. In relationships, this tendency is presented in the way that females seek a safe and secure relationship in which they can expect stable resources to help them rear children

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In The Name Of  Romantic Love

In the Result of this love tendency is that females are less romantic and more realistic in finding males who will be resource providers. This difference implies that males are more likely to be influenced by the strong emotional experience of passionate love that is usually believed to ignite chemistry between males and females in relationships. In comparison, companion-ate love is characterized by commitment and intimacy that help people to maintain the relationship. 

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For that there is evidence that passionate love declines over time for females much more rapidly than for males, whereascompanionate love does not decline for either male or female over time in longterm relationships Therefore, love couple was expected that the association between companionate love and life satisfaction would be stronger in females than in males, whereas the love couple association between passionate love and positive/negative affect would be stronger in males than in females