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Culture affects how people define love, how sensitive they are to love, with which they tend to fall in love and how their romantic relationships do Importantly, individualist and collectivist cultures are contrasted importance in people each place of culture on love.

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While passionate love is strongly emphasized in individualistic cultures, in collectivist cultures, where strong kinship networks and extended family ties exist, passionate relationships are often considered negative because they can disrupt the tradition of family approved and arranged the marriage of choice Shaver, Wu and Schwartz (1992) found that Chinese love equated with sadness, jealousy, and other dark views, while Americans love equated with happiness. This different perspective is also reflected in the practice of marriage. The majority of people in individualistic cultures marry for love and tend to believe that love is the most important factor for marriage. By comparison, it is not uncommon that people in collectivist cultures marry by arrangement with the family, relatives, friends, or based on similar socio-economic background, which does not necessarily imply the love. 

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Where is this tradition, it is believed that couples develop love companionship for each other, although they did not marry for love Behind the broad practical understanding of marriage, there seems to be a belief that the passionate love may decrease faster than love can last and last longer camaraderie and long-term benefits couples. Therefore, it was predicted that the correlations between love and companionship in life satisfaction would be stronger in a "collectivist" in a Korean sample "individualistic" U.S.