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Love is generally regarded as the deepest and most significant feelings. love occupied a prominent position in the art and literature of all time, and it is probably known, at least occasionally, the vast majority of people. In Western culture, moreover, the association between love and marriage confers a unique status as a link between the individual and the structure of society

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Given these considerations, love is surprising to discover that social psychologists have devoted almost no attention to love. Although interpersonal attraction has been a major concern of the socio-psychological theory and research workers in this sector have not attempted to conceptualize love as an independent entity. For instance, "love" is a taste-there is no intense discussion possible qualitative

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Love-scales were moderately correlated with scores on a scale parallel to the "sympathy", which reflects a more traditional interpersonal attraction. The validity of the ladder of love was evaluated in a questionnaire survey and a laboratory experiment. Based on the new concept of love, the love that was planned college dating couples who loved much