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Kissing other parts of the face and body

The foot kissing Kiss the foot is both erotic and romantic gesture. Before you begin, make sure you have the consent of your partner, because some people are weird about their feet. Then, make sure that your partner's feet are clean and ready to be kissed. Start by gently suck the toes and lightly kissing the foot.

While you kiss the foot of your partner, give him a gentle foot massage at the same time.
Lightly blow on your partner's feet

Do not kiss the feet of your partner if he wore sneakers or close toe shoes all day because her feet could be sweating and moisture. The best time to do this is after it is freshly showered If you know that your partner intends to kiss your feet, keep your nails well trimmed and maintained

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Forehead a kiss This is not an erotic kiss, but aims to show your affection, or even to say good night to your beloved. Simply brush your lips lightly on the crown of the head of your beloved. You can even grow hair on your beloved back effect.

The Eskimo kiss It is simple. Rub noses with your partner and do not forget to smile

The butterfly kiss Move your face close to your partner's until your eyelashes are touching. Then, bat your eyelashes at the same time

The cheek kiss This is a great way to greet your partner or to say goodbye. Just gently kiss your partner on his cheek.

More Tips

Surprise your partner with an upside-down kiss. While your partner is sitting down, stand behind him or her, and tip his or her head back gently. Then lean down to begin kissing upside down. Be careful to avoid hitting your teeth, but once you get the hang of it, you can be more aggressive and even French kiss. Try these kisses after you've mastered regular kissing and French kissing with your partner. Otherwise you may not be ready for something so adventurous