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Two Components of Love

The social science literature on love is divided into two distinct schools of thought. The first school focuses on biology. The school organizes this attachment, a phenomenon genetically gifted physique is the basis of non-erotic love and sexual attraction, and attachment, are the twin bases of erotic love. The idea of love as the dominant force in love is attachment and / or sexual attraction is explicitly mentioned by Shaver (1994), Shackle ford (1998), Fisher (1992), and many others .

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The idea of love has close ties with the theory of evolution, suggesting that love is a mammalian drive, such as hunger and thirst An extra thrill this school of thought has been provided by recent discussions climbing communication. According to this work, persons in close quarters develop physiologically based resonance melee. A striking example, they cite concerns of women whose menstrual cycles roommates gradually move to the same date. 

Lewis and his colleagues strongly resonant body that the dominant element in love. lovers also explicitly link between attachment theory. From this point of view, love is a constant and universal, from individual to individual, in all cultures and historical periods