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Kissing with drinks or treats

kiss compromise  kissing is fun and a kiss suggested that you should try with someone you're comfortable kissing. During this kiss, the person has to suck a sweet cinnamon and the other is sucking a mint. Begin to French kiss. Slowly pass the mints and candy in your mouth

The flavor kiss  when you mean to kiss First, put a piece of gum long in the mouth just before you and your partner French kiss. While you kiss, move the gum back and forth, and see how long it takes for the flavor to be missed Choose a flavored gum sexy, like strawberry or mint winter

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The drink kiss Take a sip of your favorite drink, which can be either alcohol or something sweet. Begin to kiss your partner, and when your lips meet pour the drink into the mouth of your partner. Take a sip of the drink very low to avoid the reverse.Your first attempt should be with a clear substance so you do not end up spilling everywhere

The cold kiss Take a few sips of an iced drink or chew on an ice cube until your mouth is freezing. Then kiss your partner and graze your language. You will feel a shiver sexy if you do it correctly

The Pop Rocks kiss  Pour some Pop Rocks in your partner's mouth and then begin to French kiss.
Both of you will feel a tingling in your mouth fun

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