I Love You Quotes

Love believes all things

Love is trust the words and actions of the object as possible. Construction will love driving positive even doubtful. Where faith and trust are lacking, fear is the control, but love casts out fear by trusting its object as much as possible that Paul believed everything he could positively to the Corinthians While believe every single word, without evidence or love prudence requires such evidence before it will hurt. Love does not mean stupid design naivete believe in God even in death

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Love hopes all things

When love is hard to believe the words and actions of its object, it is based on the hope to consider its purpose in the best light possible. Even when it is hard to believe good about some person or event, love still hope that everything goes well. Hope it works even when there is nothing to do to encourage belief

Love bears all

When love is hard to bear the sorrows and burdens of its object, love perseveres in the work, without loss of consciousness. Love never gives up. Jacob's love for Rachel is an example of such endurance "For better or for worse" are often banal words of ceremonial ritual, but they describe this aspect of love. Solomon has described more eloquently the insatiable nature of love. love does not justify "I can not stand it any longer."

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