Kissing Wallpaper

Kissing With Your Breath

The blowing a kiss. This kiss creates major anticipation in a moment already warm. First, you and your partner should separate your lips slightly and barely touch it. Start sharing the breath of your partner. You can move your head feel different, and your lips touching on and off slightly. It is a teasing kiss that will leave both want to continue and make you feel very sexy.

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Remember that the hot breath of fresh breath is different. Breathing hot breath create your throat while blowing through your lips will create fresh air.
Obviously, both partners must have fresh breath before jumping into this kiss.
Kiss underwater. This can be difficult, but rewarding. Firstly, your partner should keep his breathing under water. Then it should pull you down. You must join lungs air. Gently start to kiss and share your air with him.

When you get this method down, switch and be the person who is under the water first.
Be careful with it. You might end up choking on water. Start by separating your kiss your lips a little.
The vacuum kiss. This is a playful kiss. Kiss your partner with open mouth, and suck so deep that you suck the air from your partner. Fresh breath is a must for this