Love Kissing | Kissing Techniques

Kissing with tongue

The chew kiss. This kiss is not for the faint of heart. Firstly, your partner should put his tongue deep into my mouth. Then you need to gently bite the back of his tongue. For added effect, you can suck the tip of his tongue too.
In turn. Once you have worked your way into the language of your partner, put your tongue in her mouth and enjoy the kiss.
The touch kiss. It is a French kiss for experienced kissers. During this kiss, you and your partner should just touch the tip of your tongue. Your tongue should touch the outside of your mouth. Move your tongue around for more fun.
The tactile kiss can feel good, but avoid offending the people around you. Kissing in public is one thing, but embracing it with your tongues in the open air it takes to a new level.

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Sucking With Kiss

The sucking kiss. It is a type of seduction kiss. Instead of a normal French kiss, suck the upper or lower lip of your partner while you kiss. You can suck for a second or two, then switch between the bottom and the upper lip. Lights and ask your partner sucking lips. Do not try to suck the lips of the other at the same time. It will be too messy.
The chin kiss. Hold your partner's chin with your middle finger, index finger and thumb. Nod in the right direction. Continue to hold as you kiss. Note that you can kiss your chin as you wish. While you're supporting his chin, you can kiss French or add other elements to the kiss that involve your tongue and lips.

People Kissing

The pinch kiss. That kiss must be done with care, but if you do it correctly, your partner will feel incredible. Firstly, bite the lip of our partner gently. Then, a little more aggressive and try to bite other parts of your partner's lips. You should try it with someone you've kissed a lot, because not everyone is comfortable with bite